3 Reasons Your Reverse Camera Is Not Behaving Like It Should


When it comes to safety features fitted to new cars in the last decade, the reverse camera is one innovation which has proved invaluable. Between assisting people reversing into parking spaces to making sure no person or object is behind the car before the reverse commences, the reverse camera is an item which is sorely missed if it stops working. There are several reasons why a reverse camera stops operating the way it should.

24 March 2020

How Do Technicians Straighten a Badly Damaged Car?


As a driver, you may be very attentive behind the wheel and are always careful to look out for other road users. However, this is not the case with some other motorists, and one careless individual may have driven into the back of your car at a traffic light. On first glance, the damage appears to be extensive, and you can barely recognise the rear of your vehicle anymore. Not surprisingly, you may be very worried about the extent of this damage and particularly when it comes to the frame, so is there anything that can be done to salvage this situation?

22 November 2019

How to Identify a Power Steering Issue


If you've ever tried to drive an old vehicle that is not equipped with power steering, you know how difficult this can be, especially when you are manoeuvring through a tight space. You may take the PAS (power-assisted steering) system fitted to your vehicle for granted on a daily basis but, as with anything else mechanical, issues can arise. What should you do if you notice a warning light on your dashboard which appears to suggest that you have power steering issues?

12 September 2019

5 Beneficial Reasons to Service and Repair Your Car in a Dealership


The secret in having a reliable and efficient car is taking it to the best auto garage available. This is because car repairs and maintenance are necessary. However, determining the best auto garage may prove to be a little bit hard. Below are five important reasons why you should always service your car in a dealership.  1. Special Technical Expertise A local repair shop has many mechanics with different levels of expertise.

21 May 2019

Here's What to Know About Panel Beating Repair Work


When a car accident occurs, the body of the car usually takes the brunt of collision damage. This is because the bodywork is the first part of the car to come in contact with the other vehicle during an accident. A welcome relief for car owners is that panel beaters can fix damaged bodywork using a range of car body repair tools, techniques and skills. If your car has suffered collision damage due to an accident, you might be wondering about what to expect when it is towed down to the auto body repair shop.

8 March 2019

Remanufacture or Rebuild—What's the Difference?


Heavy goods vehicles are designed for the long haul these days, and it's not uncommon for one to last ten years or more in the same fleet. This makes it more attractive from an ROI perspective, as the fleet owner can get a lot more use from the truck and turn more payloads. However, the mechanical components will need a lot more attention as the vehicle gets longer in the tooth, and eventually, the owner will be faced with a stark choice.

26 November 2018

Car Repairs That You Should Never Attempt On Your Own


For your vehicle to be safe as well as fuel efficient, you need to engage in routine maintenance through servicing. Scheduled car servicing does not only prolong the lifespan of your vehicle, but it also works to keep car repairs at bay for the long term. Nevertheless, issues are bound to crop up occasionally, mainly if you utilise your car on a daily basis. Since some of these problems may seem too innocuous to qualify for a car service, you may be thinking that it will save you time and money to engage in them on your own.

28 August 2018