Signs That Your Power Steering Pump Pulley is Failing


Your vehicle's power steering system is powered by pressurized fluid. The engine provides power to pressurize your power steering fluid through the power steering pump. This pump is connected to a pulley with a single belt or two, depending on the model, make and year of manufacture of your car. The belt goes round they pulley to spin it while the engine is running, powering the pump. When the engine is switched off, the pump has no power to run.

3 March 2016

Why Your Car Breaks Down Mid-Drive and What to Do About It


Your car coming to a full stop while driving can be a major problem if you're driving along a highway and your car stops in the middle of heavy traffic. You need to get to the side of the road, get break down towing, and fix the problem as quickly as possible. To avoid these situations, you should know about the most common reasons a car breaks down mid drive and what you can do about them.

29 January 2016

Things to Consider When Buying a Truck for the First Time


Buying a truck is not an easy decision, but you will need to do it the right way. There is an extensive selection of different truck types available at truck sales and they all have a set of different prices. Some are large in size whereas others are small. Some are high-performance automobiles, others are meant for luxury. No matter the reason why you may need to buy a truck, you will need to consider some essential things to ensure you reap the most benefits out of your investment.

18 December 2015

What to Consider With a Custom Designed Car Trailer


A custom designed car trailer can be the perfect solution if you cannot find a trailer that fits your equipment, sporting goods, or something else you haul on a regular basis. A standard trailer may not be long enough to hold your ATV and camping gear, especially if it has added accessories and aftermarket parts. You may also want to run a business out of a trailer and cannot find one to fit your needs.

23 November 2015

4 Signs That it is Time to Have Your Wheels Realigned


Not only do you need to have your tyres changed and rotated to ensure safety and proper wear, but you also need to have them properly aligned. When you have proper wheels alignments, you will be able to steer much easier, improve gas mileage and decrease the amount of wear on your tyres. Knowing when to have your tyres realigned can be made easy by being aware of the most noticeable signs to be on the lookout for.

10 November 2015

Some Common Problems That Can Develop With Your Car's Catalytic Converter


If you care about the environment, you should care about the catalytic converter in your car. The catalytic converter's job is to clean the car fumes generated from the engine's combustion process. By the time the fumes exit out the tailgate of your car, they have been cleansed of some of the more harmful noxious chemicals. Following are some common problems that can develop with the converter: How The Catalytic Converter Works

18 August 2015

4 Reasons That May Necessitate A Change Of Your Car's Cylinder Head


There are a lot of repair services that can be carried out on a cylinder head. Some lean on correcting wear damage while others seek to push the OEM design to achieve better engine performance. Despite the long list of services that you can get for your cylinder head, there are a number of scenarios that will warrant a complete change of your unit. Read on to see what they are and find out if your car is affected:

11 August 2015