Car Repairs That You Should Never Attempt On Your Own


For your vehicle to be safe as well as fuel efficient, you need to engage in routine maintenance through servicing. Scheduled car servicing does not only prolong the lifespan of your vehicle, but it also works to keep car repairs at bay for the long term. Nevertheless, issues are bound to crop up occasionally, mainly if you utilise your car on a daily basis. Since some of these problems may seem too innocuous to qualify for a car service, you may be thinking that it will save you time and money to engage in them on your own.

28 August 2018

When Was the Last Time That You Checked Your Car's Suspension?


If you think that your car's braking system is solely responsible for bringing your vehicle to a halt, think again. Several other components are crucial to this safe operation and if you don't keep an eye on them, you may be risking the safety of yourself and others. While you must maintain those brakes in good condition at all times, you should periodically check these other components to make sure that they're helping and not hindering your deceleration effort.

20 July 2018

3 Car Safety Inspection Checks When Preparing for a Long Drive


Have you ever looked up at the ceiling one Friday afternoon and it felt like the walls are closing in on you? Well, those that work from home understand this feeling. Extended breaks every once in a while are recommended to rejuvenate your mind. To this end, long drives have proven to be beneficial. If you choose to take such a trip, it is essential to conduct safety inspection checks to the car.

25 April 2018

What You Need to Know before You Tow a Trailer


Do you have much experience when it comes to towing, or are you making some potentially dangerous assumptions before you set out on the road for the first time? What are some of the most popular misconceptions that you need to clear up if you're going to have a safe and enjoyable ride? Weighing It All up Firstly, you need to be aware of the limits of your towing vehicle, the trailer and the combination thereof.

30 November 2016

3 Common Brake Problems You Should Not Ignore in Your Truck


Any alteration in the functioning of truck brakes usually points to the necessity of repairing or replacing some brake system components. This article discusses some symptoms of brake problems that you should act upon promptly to avoid complete brake failure. A Spongy Brake Pedal The brake pedal on your truck can become very soft or spongy in case some air is trapped inside the brake fluid. The brake pedal may also become soft if there is an insufficient supply of brake fluid within the brake fluid lines and reservoir.

5 October 2016

Tips on How to Maintain Your Car's Transmission System


The transmission system is a vital part of your car. This is why it needs to be regularly checked and serviced. However, many drivers neglect to maintain their car's transmission system, which can eventually lead to costly repairs. If you want to avoid the hassle of breaking down or having to spend a lot of money repairing your transmission, follow the tips below. Check the transmission fluid levels You can think of transmission fluid as the blood which keeps your car alive.

19 July 2016

Your Car Battery: A Troubleshooting Guide


The battery is a key component of your car. Unless it is in good working order, the engine will probably not start and if it does, important electrical systems such as the air-conditioning and headlights will underperform or not work at all. All of this will make it very difficult for you to drive anywhere. Below is a quick guide which will help you to troubleshoot car battery problems.   

27 June 2016